Hand and foot card

Looking for a game?  Want to learn how to play? Meet up with your Newcomer Encore friends for a game of hand and foot.

Monthly luncheon

Once a month meet up with your friends and the rest of the members for a lunch that frequents the best restaurants in the Baton Rouge area.

Book Club

Read and discuss fascinating books monthly with a group of like minded social book worms.

Literary review

Discuss fine works of literature, talk with authors and critics about famous literature in the company of friends.

Evening Bunco

A fun evening of slightly competitive bunco play with fellow Newcomer Encore members.

Creative cooking

Learn the tricks in those oh-so-good recipes everyone but you seem to have and share yours.

As a member of Newcomers Encore of Baton Rouge you can join us for any of these fun monthly events.  Simply check the monthly newsletter for contact and meeting information.  Have an idea for a new monthly meeting?   Speak to one of our board members about starting a new activity!


With two groups of canasta, you can play just about anytime you want with fellow Newcomer Encore members.


Can't find those other Mahjongg players in your neighborhood?  Branch out and play with your Newcomer Encore friends.

Let's Party

A fun pot luck supper club evening with friends at the home of a Newcomer Encore member.

Movie Night

Enjoy dinner and a movie and make it a fun and enjoyable evening with friends.

Wine tasting

A reason to drink!  Taste new wines, figure out what to pair with foods, and enjoy the tastes of the world's best wines.

Daytime bunco

Can't make the evening bunco or just can't get enough bunco? Join in the daytime bunco group.

Stitch and chat

Good conversation and relaxing needle work.

Bridge group**

Learn to play, hone your skills, and enjoy a game or two of bridge with some friends.

**Not Currently Sitting, but may in the future.

Out and about

Explore the untold secret hot spots and unique locations Baton Rouge has to offer.


What's the biggest word you know?  Play real life "words with friends" and see which of your Newcomer Encore friends can score big points on little words.

​**Not Currently Sitting, but may in the future.

Lunch Bunch

Another chance to lunch with some of your Newcomer Encore friends.